It is so simple to get lost in the day to day operations and miss the simple things that once made your restaurant great.

Some of this is so simple but wow so important

1. Show Your Face: Manage your Restaurant from the front. Your Customers need to see that you care and are involved in Day to Day operations.

2.Customer First: make one on one contact with each guest in your restaurant when you are there. Make them feel special, get to know them, their likes and dis-likes.

3. Continuously improve the atmosphere: of your Restaurant. Simple changes like rearranging your tables or updating your menus can make an positive impact on the atmosphere.

4. Stand out:
Give your customers a reason to remember YOU instead of the 5 other restaurants they visited last month.

5. Talk to your Customers: discuss what it is they like about your Restaurant, What they think could be, what menu options they would like to see added

6.Invest in your staff: you know the saying “if mamma aint happy”? If your staff isn’t happy they won’t be productive which in the end will make your restaurant un-productive.

7.Have a website: and utilize it to it’s fullest ability. Having your name on the web and Social Media are key to great and simple advertising that can bring customers back in.Focus on LTO or daily specials on the pages offer promotions that tie directly to your web-page (a special “web only price for specific items).

8. Initiate a Customer appreciation: Use a “VIP” program. Show your customers you care. Email programs are great and Cheap. Give them a Birthday and anniversary BOGO and they are happy and will keep coming back.

9. Connect with your Community: Join block parties, offer samples to passer by’s

10. Be Kind and Courteous: Smile, say please and thank you, not only to customers but also your staff

Run some Facebook Video ads about an upcoming event or party, nothing fancy just shoot on the your phone or tablet, make it simple, make it fun, make it real, make it authentic and your customer will love it