Recently I was on a consulting project in Texas and was flying when I noticed something that kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  It was a couple seasoned flight attendants carrying on like there was not over 100 people looking right at them.  They were talking about how they were running out of this and the previous crew didn’t do this or that.

It didn’t kind of bug me, it really bugged me and put a bad taste in my mouth for this airline.  It really got me thinking how this incident isn’t just reserved for the airline industry. I have seen it a million times in a restaurant setting as well.

Without your control and coaching this could happen in your restaurant or at your next catering event very easily.  Just like the old adage of “Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private”  Things discussed related to your restaurant or personal matters should not be discussed anywhere near your guests. We need to make sure our staff is conscious of the “Guest in earshot”. It goes back to what I learned years and years ago about a restaurant is like going on stage and performing.

Make sure your staff is stage ready – They look the part, they know their lines and they certainly need the know the does and don’ts of what to say when and where.

So at the least make this a PreMeal/PreShift topic for the next few days.  You can even demo my experience on the plane or have two servers talk about the night before and ask the other servers to tell you what is wrong with this picture. Have some fun with it, but make sure you get your point across.

About the Author: Jonathan advises restaurant owners with proven systems that accelerate sales, build concrete everlasting companies and generate scalable revenue and wealth for their employees and especially the owners. He has had a long successful career as a business owner, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. He has owned his own restaurants and catering company, successfully invested in several start-ups and other businesses.

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