Are you doing everything you can to keep in touch with your customers so the next time they want to dine out they Remember Who you are, What you do and Where to find you?

Ask Yourself …

  • Will your past customers call you the next time they have a question or need another job?? …Or, will they call someone else?
  • Will they refer a friend or relative to you … even though you’ve not made the slightest effort to stay in touch with them?

From My Experience …It’s Not Likely

Oh sure, a few customers might hang around with you, but most will move on.

Out of sight, out of mind. End of story.

Keep in mind:

The majority of referral and repeat sales opportunities come long after the job has been completed. To maximize repeat and referral business you need to remain “top-of-mind” with your customers 2 months, 6 months, 15 months, even 60 months after you’ve completed their project. Assuming that your customers are loyal and will reach out to you when they need something else or recommend you when the opportunity presents itself is naive and will cost a company a lot of money in missed sales and opportunities.

Pick any industry. Study the businesses doing the best in their niche, and you’ll find they are the ones who’ve developed systems for building, maintaining, and growing relationships with their clients.

Now study the businesses that are struggling and constantly complaining about how bad business is, how bad the economy is and you’ll find that they do next to nothing to keep in touch with their customers.

If you’re guilty of doing that …

You’re Leaving The Most Valuable Asset Of Your Business Behind!

Very few businesses make the effort to follow up with their customers. However, when you do, you differentiate yourself from everyone else. When you stand out, your customers notice.

How do you let them know about additional products and services they may be interested in? How do you request referrals from them? You’ve got to implement a system of interesting and informative, ongoing communication that includes:

✓ Emails




✓   Newsletters (email and print)

✓   Phone calls

By doing so, you’ll become ‘THE’ trusted advisor for the products and services you offer.

Then, when your past clients want additional work done, they’ll call you. They’ll also refer their friends and family to you.

Finally, you’ve got to have a referral appreciation system in place. I could go on, but I will save referral marketing for another day

About the Author: Jonathan advises restaurant owners with proven systems that accelerate sales, build concrete everlasting companies and generate scalable revenue and wealth for their employees and especially the owners.

He has had a long successful career as a business owner, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. He has owned his own restaurants and catering company, successfully invested in several start-ups and other businesses.


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