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Why Are More and More Restaurants
Using Our Restaurant VIP Program?

…Because Hands Down Our Automated Loyalty Program Is The Single Most Effective Marketing Tool On The Planet!

Our Goal

At Restaurant VIP Program, we believe that every restaurant, no matter their size, should have access to the same marketing tools that the big chains use.

Our goal is to make customer loyalty & rewards programs affordable to help even the smallest restaurants & merchants get a huge return on their marketing expenditures.

Custom Branded Fully Integrated

Your own fully branded Loyalty Rewards program is the most effective way to engage and know your customers, period! Consumers can track their rewards and offers on a progressive mobile web app or your website. So can you!

Know Your Customers

Capture all your customers information in multiple way with it all landing in your own super powerful Customer Dashboard. A CRM on Steroids, with full ability to utilize the information gathered automatically and effortlessly.

Auto-Pilot Engagement Text, Email & Direct Mail

Create autopilot text, email and direct mail campaigns that work together sequentially to get your customers to come more often and spend more. Offers and engagement campaigns that get sent to customers at pre-determined times or actions, on autopilot!

Mass Text Broadcast

Bring customers in with text message broadcasts that have a 99% open rate.

We Miss You Offers

Automated offers and coordinated campaigns that text, email and mail customers that have not visited your business within 30, 60, 90 days.

Never lose a customer again!

Automated Birthday Offers

Reward your customers on their birthday by sending them an automated offer that drives them into your business.

Grow Social Media

Grow your followers on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and more automatically with social and review integrations.

Take Control of Your Reputation & Reviews

Our systems monitor the most important review and social media websites 24/7 including review alerts.

Respond to reviews and messages while they are fresh. Poll your customers directly after they purchase to make sure they are delighted and automatically guide favorable reviews to be posted on the review sites of your choice.

Measure Results

Always know how effective your rewards program with daily, weekly, monthly reports right in your inbox.

Know what is working and what you should do more of to drive sales and profits.

Our Newest Feature

Contact Tracing In Combination With Our VIP PRogram

What Do You If Suddenly Required To Track Your Guests? 

Other Than Thank The Government!

You Embrace It and use it to your advantage

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“If you are not using our Restaurant VIP Program for Loyalty or Rewards in your restaurant you are ABSOLUTELY missing out on the best most cost effective money making marketing machine on the planet!”

Loyalty Program

Increase profits through improved customer retention. Loyalty programs encourage your customers to choose your business over the competition. This is accomplished through knowing your customers and regular communication. Basically once you know who your customers are you are able to invite them to do more and more business with you via direct mail, email, sms text and even Facebook.

We provide the automated solution for capturing customer information, organizing that information and deploying it in your direct marketing.

I Know Your Intrigued…

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Rewards Program

Rewards programs apply the same principles as loyalty programs. Know who your customers are and stay in communication with them and invite them back regularly.

Rewards take it a step further by putting the power of technology in the palm of you and your customers hands. It allows you to track the purchases they make and reward them based on multiple criteria; Transaction Value, frequency, purchase size or specific items purchased.

It also gives you advanced information and list segmentation to further understand your customers and craft more direct compelling messages to get them to come more often and to spend more based off their purchase history.