How do you know about missed sales? Sometimes, guests will request a certain item, but you don’t carry that in your restaurant. You may never know about it.

You may find out if some of your servers tell you, but usually, they won’t. They probably don’t think about it when you’re around.

The results could be a lot of missed sales.

An easy way to fix this problem is to have your servers or someone who can easily do so, write down what it is that guests are requesting. This could let you know if you’re losing business by not having a particular item or whether it’s just a request every now and then.

For example, you could have several requests for Pepsi products instead of what you carry. Or you may have requests for A1 Steak Sauce even though you carry several others. This may be a purchase you want to make in order to keep the guests happy.

Try it, you might be surprised by the various requests being made by your guests.

Already tracking this information?  Great!  Share your methods with us and our readers in the comment section below.


About the Author: Jonathan advises restaurant owners with proven systems that accelerate sales, build concrete everlasting companies and generate scalable revenue and wealth for their employees and especially the owners. He has had a long successful career as a business owner, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. He has owned his own restaurants and catering company, successfully invested in several start-ups and other businesses.